Demonstrate your research and experimentation skills at the TraceLab Challenge at SST’19!

For those of you looking to show off their traceability skills, Jane Hayes and Jane Cleland-Huang have prepared a TraceLab Challenge that will be run before the start of the workshop proper. You will get to work on a challenge set by Alex Dekhtyar, one of the pioneers of traceability. All entries will be judged by a jury and the winner will be announced in the after-lunch session. If you would like to participate, learn about traceability and TraceLab, and have some fun in the process, read more and find instructions by clicking through.


Seminal pioneers in the traceability field will determine three traceability experiments in advance of SST.  The day of SST, one challenge will be drawn from a hat.  Competitors will then have one hour to compose the experiment using TraceLab.  Results from each team’s experiment will be compared, and a winner will be declared later during SST.  The challenge will be moderated by Jane Huffman Hayes and Jane Cleland-Huang.  It is open to all registered participants of SST.


Instructions for usage, installation, and finding components

You should come with TraceLab installed on your computer and be familiar with how it works in principle. You can find installation and usage instructions by following the link above. Competitors are encouraged to collect as many TraceLab components as possible prior to the challenge.  The organizers will designate the datasets to be used.  The datasets will be importable and exportable using components that are part of the “First Experiment” that comes with TraceLab to ensure that all can process the datasets.


It is anticipated that the challenge will occur one hour prior to the keynote speech at SST.  It is anticipated that the winner will be announced sometime after lunch at SST.



Jane Huffman Hayes
Jane Cleland-Huang


Alex Dekhtyar


If you have questions, please send email to and

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