SST’19 Program Available

We are very happy to announce an exciting, interactive, and diverse program for SST’19! We will kick off the day with a TraceLab challenge where early risers will have the chance to solve an interesting traceability problem. A winner will be announced during the workshop. After the welcome and opening of the workshop proper, we are looking forward to Smita Ghaisas’ keynote on Traceability for a Knowledge-driven Software Engineering. After a Q&A, the first paper session will be on Traceability Visualisation, followed by one on Traceability Management and Evolution. After lunch, we will go in-depth on the emerging topic of AI and traceability in our special track. Led by a paper presentation and impuse presentation by renowned experts in the field, we will delve into the connection between machine learning and other techniques and traceability in a fishbowl discussion. The final session of the workshop will include papers on Traceability Techniques before we conclude the day with our closing remarks.

The program will be extended and refined in the coming days. We are looking forward to welcoming you to an exciting SST’19!

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