Accepted Papers

Accepted Research Papers

  • David Farrar and Jane Huffman Hayes: A Comparison of Stemming Techniques in Tracing
  • Marcus Seiler, Barbara Paech and Paul Hübner: Comparing Traceability through Information Retrieval, Commits, Interaction Logs, and Tags
  • Michael Vierhauser, Jane Cleland-Huang, Janet Burge and Paul Gruenbacher: The Interplay of Design and Runtime Traceability for Non-Functional Requirements
  • Viktor Csuvik, András Kicsi and László Vidács: Source Code Level Word Embeddings in Aiding Semantic Test-to-Code Traceability

Accepted Special Track Papers

  • Christof Tinnes, Andreas Biesdorf, Uwe Hohenstein and Florian Matthes: Ideas on Improving Software Artifact Reuse via Traceability and Self-Awareness (Special Track paper, 4 pages)

Accepted Artifact Papers

  • Jared Payne and Jane Huffman Hayes: University of Kentucky TraceLab Component Similarity Matrix Voting Merge

Journal-Paper Presentations

  • Mujtaba Alshakhouri, Jim Buchan, Stephen MacDonell: Synchronised visualisation of software process and product artefacts: Concept, design and prototype implementation.
  • Ines Hajri, Arda Goknil, Lionel C. Briand, Thierry Stephany: Change impact analysis for evolving configuration decisions in product line use case models
  • Mona Rahimi, Jane Cleland-Huang: Evolving software trace links between requirements and source code