Special Track on AI and Traceability

SST’19 will feature a special track on Artificial Intelligences (AI) and Traceability. AI techniques, such as natural language processing, planning and reasoning, machine learning, etc., have long been advocated by many software engineering researchers. Given the recent advances in AI techniques, their role in software engineering especially in software and systems traceability becomes increasingly important. This track provides a forum to particularly discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by AI techniques to software and systems traceability. The topics of interests in this track include but not limited to: developing intelligent tracing solutions, reasoning the ambiguities in traceability, adopting self-adapting solutions to optimize the quality of trace links, improve the performance of automated traceability with novel approaches such as semantic analysis, human factors when applying AI to traceability, etc.

We welcome submission of both position and vision papers in this track regarding the interplay of AI and traceability. All submissions will be evaluated for relevance to the workshop objectives and clarity of presentations by at least three PC members. The novelty and elaboration of the vision and position will also be evaluated during the review process.

All papers accepted to the special track will be discussed at the workshop in a panel. For each accepted paper, one of the authors will give a two minute summary of their main hypothesis. With the help of a moderator and input from the audience, the panelists will then discuss their respective positions and visions with the aim of synthesizing a common view and explore this field further. The papers and the results of the panel discussion will be the seed for a journal submission to which all authors of accepted special track papers will be invited.